May 8, 2009

19:29 GMT

The U.S. administration on Friday extended sanctions on Syria. President Barack Obama signed an executive order renewing the five-year-old measure for

May 7, 2009

12:55 GMT

Syria's foreign minister on Thursday dismissed American pressure to amend an Arab peace proposal to Israel to make it more palatable to the Jewish sta

11:26 GMT

The Egyptian-American IPR company announced Wednesday oil discovery in al-Rashid well 1 in Der Ezzor, Syria.

May 6, 2009

15:20 GMT

Jeffrey Feltman, acting US secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, and National Security Council Senior Director Daniel Shapiro are visiting Syri

May 5, 2009

19:41 GMT

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad affirmed in a joint press conference with his Iranian peer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad following their talks on Tuesday the

May 4, 2009

10:30 GMT

Syrian Lou'loua (Pearl) Airlines company on Sunday received its first rented BAe planes, which include 96 seats.

May 3, 2009

03:15 GMT

The Syrian actor Tayem Al Hasan refused an offer by the well-known Syrian director Basam Al Mala to take part in the fourth part of the famous Syrian television drama series “Bab Al Harah” (The Neighb

April 30, 2009

15:26 GMT

At least 13 people died in a shooting incident at a college in Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, on Thursday when a gunman opened fire on teachers and

01:59 GMT

The young Syrian artist Rowaida Ateyah wore a white wedding dress in her video clip for the song “Sho Sahel Al Haki” (Talking Is Easy)

April 28, 2009

07:40 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad defended Lebanon's Hizbullah against allegations that the Shiite movement planned to carry out multiple attacks in Egypt

02:40 GMT

Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman will be participating in this year’s ‘ART Oscar Festival’

April 27, 2009

13:16 GMT

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak on Monday described the first joint military exercise between Turkey and Syria as a "worrying" development.

April 26, 2009

07:22 GMT

Israel's foreign minister said Sunday he would be ready to immediately hold peace talks with Syria, but only without preconditions.

06:12 GMT

PITTSBURGH - A hilarious new book—the first of its kind—by Arab-American and native Pittsburgher, Dalel B. Khalil, examines with humor and candor the

April 24, 2009

07:09 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reshuffled the government on Thursday, appointing six new ministers and creating a separate environment ministry hea