January 7, 2015

A number of mass graves have been discovered throughout Iraq since Daesh began its violent assault. (AFP/File)
20:00 GMT

Five mass graves containing the remains of some 320 people believed to have been killed by Daesh have been found in the northern part of Iraq.

The incident occurred just a day after another member of Daesh's religious police force was beheaded nearby. (AFP/Mahmud al-Halab)
19:00 GMT

Unidentified gunmen ambushed the on-duty "police officers" just days after another was beheaded in the same region.

According to the UNHCR report, the global refugee population is the highest since 1996. (AFP/Nikolay Doychinov)
15:17 GMT

The United Nations has declared that Syrians have surpassed Afghans as the second largest refugee population after Palestinians, fleeing to over 100 nations to escape the foreign-backed war in their country.

Security forces stand outside the embassy in Kuwait during a protest in February 2012. (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT

The Syrian embassy opened in Kuwait on Tuesday and resumed consular services.

January 6, 2015

It is unclear who is responsible for the man's death. However the beheading is characteristic of Daesh, which regularly kills those who violate its laws. (AFP/File)
17:07 GMT

A beheaded Daesh leader was found in eastern Syria with a cigarette in his mouth and a note stating, "this is evil, you Sheikh."

Hundreds of Syrian refugees arrive in the Lebanese border town of Arsal, November 18, 2013. (AFP/File)
14:04 GMT

US officials voiced concern over Lebanon's new visa requirement rule for Syrians entering the country, calling it "additional challenges for refugees".

Peshmerga forces ready to battle Daesh militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul, August 17, 2014. (AFP/File)
09:34 GMT

Kurdish fighters made further gains in the Syrian border town of Kobani against Daesh militants, according to a British-based monitoring group.

Khaled Khoja said the Syrian National Coalition would not be participating in talks with Bashar al-Assad's government. (Image: Press TV)
07:22 GMT

The Syrian National Coalition's newly appointed leader Khaled Khoja ruled out participating in Russian sponsored peace talks.

Khaled Khoja was elected as the new head of the Syrian National Coalition on Monday. (Image: Zamanalwsl)
05:00 GMT

Syria's leading opposition group elected Khaled Khoja as its new chief on Monday along with the new secretary-general Yahya Maktabi. Who are these leaders and will they bring peace to the table?

January 5, 2015

Iraqi Kurdish troops have been assisting Syrian peshmerga since the first group of fighters was let in through Turkey on Oct. 28. (AFP/File)
18:30 GMT

Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government prepares to send fresh fighters into the embattled Syrian border town of Kobane, where peshmerga troops have been attempting to stave off Daesh militants since last September.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Ankara last November to finalize a Turkey-U.S. training program for moderate Syrian rebels, a plan Ankara officials now say will be launched by March. (AFP/File)
16:57 GMT

Turkish diplomatic sources said Monday they expected to sign a 'memorandum of understanding' with the U.S. for the launch of a train-and-equip program for Syrian opposition fighters, a program that will include 15,000 fighters and last for three years.

Khaled Khoja was chosen as the new leader of the Syrian National Coalition after current chief Hadi al-Bahra refused to run for reelection. (Image: Hurriyet Daily News)
13:06 GMT

The Syrian National Coalition elected Khaled Khoja as the new head of the group following a meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

A Syrian child stands in front of a makeshift refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, December 13, 2013. (AFP/File)
08:06 GMT

Syrian refugees across Lebanon struggled to live in tent settlements as temperatures continue to drop and heavy rainfall persists.

Over one million refugees, further tension between secularists, Kurds and Islamists, Daesh has dented Turkey beyond repair. (Image: Screenshot)
05:00 GMT

On the surface, Turkey appears to have taken harsh measures against Daesh militants across the border in Syria, but the radical group has done an excessive amount of unrepairable damage to the country and there is no turning back.

January 4, 2015

An Iraqi intelligence source said that ISIL terrorists shot dead the victims, identified as Suhail Bayatti and Issam Mahmoud. (File photo)
13:16 GMT

Daesh also shot dead 15 civilians in public in the Karma district of the city of Fallujah.