November 1, 2012

Tunisia's Salafis are still out in force, springing attacks on the Arab Spring government
12:49 GMT

Tunisia is still tottering on the edge of crisis as a power struggle between moderate Islamists and Salafis vying for control takes hold. Armed Islamists were out wreaking havoc and threatening the progress of supposedly seasoned Arab Springer Tunisia this week, forcing the pioneer country to resort to the retrograde old-regime's 'state of emergency' default line.

October 31, 2012

Tunisia police
12:05 GMT

The Tunisian police and army were deployed Wednesday in the neighborhood of Manouba, a suburb of Tunis, to prevent any further violence after clashes with Salafists overnight, said the Ministry of the Interior.

October 29, 2012

Maghreb Summit
05:54 GMT

Is North Africa trying to mount a Moorish re-awakening, uniting a traditional alliance, emboldened by the Arab Spring? This year revived the cycle of the Maghreb Summit and put the Moorish or Maghrabi question on the Arab table. It looks unlikely to be a force to reckon with, and more a redundant alliance of North Africa's Arab Belt.

October 12, 2012

Umm Kulthum
17:25 GMT

Director of a new biopic of the legendary Egyptian singer says his top pick is Hind Sabri, from Tunisia.

October 4, 2012

The Tunisian government is planning on increasing the 3G mobile market
14:08 GMT

The Tunisian government has announced that in their push to boost the 3G and mobile markets, they will break up the country’s fixed-line monopoly to promote diversification and competition.

October 3, 2012

Circairo poster.
09:27 GMT

After the success of 2010’s CirCairo, the international Circus Festival is back to bring the charm and the long-forgotten magic of the circus to three Egyptian cities: Cairo, Mansoura and Monoufeya.

October 1, 2012

After the Arab-Spring, is Tunisia seeing a lurch to the right?
12:00 GMT

After the indecency charge against an alleged police-rape victim, could the Islamist right in post-Arab spring Tunisia be coming to the fore? Following the election of the Ennahda group, the center-right Islamists, the disparate Salafi grouping is gaining prominence, and many are beginning to wonder if the Ennahda can keep its centrist line and whether there is a sea-change in Tunisian society.

September 29, 2012

Can the economy of Tunisia recover?
00:08 GMT

Moody's Investors Service has kept the investment rating of Tunisia, that is Baa3 with negative outlook reflecting, it says, the country's moderate economic, institutional and financial strength.

September 27, 2012

After economic woes led to the suicide of Mohammed Bouazizi, sparking the Arab Spring, authorities are keen to solution to chronic youth unemployment.
14:13 GMT

An initiative by the African Development Bank to reduce unemployment in Tunisia is starting to take shape. "Souk At-Tanmia" (Development Market) has pre-selected 300 youths wanting to set up their own business.

September 26, 2012

Saving Face from Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (right) is a story of hope and a fight for justice. It will screen at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.
14:20 GMT

Abu Dhabi announces their line-up with a guest appearance by Richard Gere.

Money's too tight to mention: Ben Ali had a hidden wealth of $13 billion
09:20 GMT

Tunisia's ousted former president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, had assets totalling more than $13billion, a government commission has found, although more assets are could be uncovered.

Can the Arab Monetary Fund loan get the Tunisian economy back on track?
08:30 GMT

The Central Bank of Tunisia has signed agreements with the Arab Monetary Fund securing loans totalling $180 million dollars, with hope of shoring up the Balance of Payments deficit.

September 25, 2012

The Tunisian economy remains at "very high risk", according to Standard and Poor's
10:04 GMT

S&P ranks Tunisia in the Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment (BICRA) group “8” in both of its two mainareas of analysis—economic risk and industry risk.

September 23, 2012

Amr Zaki back in Egypt squad for UAE camp (Picture courtesy of http://english.ahram.org.eg)
12:57 GMT

Elazigspor striker Amr Zaki has won a call-up to Egypt's squad for two friendly games next month after apparently ending a dispute with coach Bob Bradley.

Will shale gas drive the Tunisian economy forward?
12:41 GMT

Tunisia is considering producing shale gas in an effort to cope with rising demand coupled with a drop in traditional oil stock, although the Industry Ministry has denied claims that permits have already been granted.