April 5, 2005

07:32 GMT

The Japanese artist-painter Hachiro Kanno will hold a painting exhibition in the International Cultural Center of Hammamet, Tunisia. Hachiro, has been

April 3, 2005

21:20 GMT

Major developments in solar energy and other renewable resources are expected in Tunisia during the next few years. Tunisian magazine <i>Realites</i> reports by 2010, 400,000 square metres

21:19 GMT

The Municipality of Carthage, the Municipality of Marsa, the National Tourism Office, and the French Institute in Carthage are organizing a jazz festi

April 1, 2005

March 31, 2005

22:00 GMT

Tunisia is ranked 31st and Morocco is 54th in the recently published World Economic Forum Global Technology Report 2004-2005. In the 2003-2004 report, Tunisia was in 40th place and Morocco was in 64th

March 30, 2005

10:58 GMT

"Poems to be carved", this was the title which was given to the work that brought together 30 different texts, written by ten young poets. The joint a

March 29, 2005

10:28 GMT

The prestigious musical group Farabi has recently performed in the municipal theatre of Tunis. The concert was held in the framework of the second edi

March 28, 2005

09:54 GMT

The recent banning of Tunisian singer/dancer Najla from entering Egypt has led her to seek residence in Lebanon

09:22 GMT

Tunisan singer Najla has returned once more to the scenes after a short absence with an attack on most Egyptian newspapers for their lack of support in helping her fight the decision of banning her f

March 27, 2005

12:59 GMT

Tunisian actress Hind Sabri has been presented with an award for Best Actress in her role in the film “Ahla Al Awqat” (The Best of Times) during an awards ceremony at the Journalists Association in Eg