February 22, 2005

11:19 GMT

Following the intercultural concert he has organized in the Center of Mediterranean Music, Ennejma-Ezzahra, in Sidi Bou Said, titled "The Minaret and

10:06 GMT

The Mauritanian President, Mawiah Walid al-Taya, on Monday received in Nouakchott, the investigation committee, ordered to be set up by Libyan Leader

February 21, 2005

11:14 GMT

The data for January 2005 confirms a tendency which began last year in Tunisia, whereby the two telephone operators, Tunisia Télécom and Tunisiana are the leading advertisers in TV. 

10:26 GMT

Following the 18th day of the Tunisian national football league, Etoile Sportive du Sahel continues to be the league leaders. This came despite a disa

09:22 GMT

The latest film “Ahla Al Awqat” (Best of Times) starring young Tunisian actress Hind Sabri and Egyptian actress Hanan Turk, has received four different awards at the Fifty Third Catholic Egyptian Cine

February 18, 2005

11:42 GMT

A concert for young musicians, under the age of 25, was held in Ennejma Ezzahra Cultural Center from February 9 to February 13. During the four night

09:27 GMT

The highlight game of the 18th day in the Tunisian premier league will be the encounter between ESS, which currently leads the table with 41 points an

09:21 GMT

The museum of the Algerian-Tunisian memory was inaugurated recently at Ghar Dimaou Algeria’s Veterans Minister, Mohamed Cherif Abbas and Tunisian Defe

February 17, 2005

22:07 GMT

Norway's PGS Geophysical AS has entered into an agreement with ETAP to acquire exclusive 2D and 3D seismic data in the shallow water Tyrrhenian Basin, offshore Northern Tunisia.

21:35 GMT

Dr. Elias Zerhouni, the director of the National Institutes of Health in the USA (NIH) has affirmed that the American Government wishes to reinforce c

February 16, 2005

11:37 GMT

The minutes of the 6th session of the Libyan-Tunisian committee for education, culture, information, youth and sport was signed in Tunisia Tuesday aft

February 15, 2005

10:53 GMT

Winter sales have become throughout the years a popular habit in Tunisia. All the process of winter sales has been controlled and supervised by the ministry of commerce and industry.

10:51 GMT

About 20 artists, most of them mainly known as painters have decided to work together and to create a new joint exhibition in the huge, two levels spa

10:03 GMT

Tunisia's President Zein Abdeen Ben Ali renewed Monday his country's commitment to the Arab Maghreb Union, as a "strategic option," and its resolve to