January 2, 2005

13:00 GMT

Tunisian singer/dancer Najla and Egyptian dancer/singer Bosi Samir have been accused of having erotic and seductive video clips.

December 29, 2004

09:25 GMT

Moamer al Kadhafi, the Libyan leader, received Tuesday evening, the Tunisian Prime Minister, Mohamed al Ghanoshi, currently participating in the bi- a

December 28, 2004

09:48 GMT

The bi-annual preparatory meeting of the High Joint Libyan-Tunisian Committee held Monday afternoon in Tripoli. The meeting was attended by the Libyan Minister of Trade and Economy and by the Trade Mi

December 27, 2004

10:43 GMT

A special day was dedicated to artistic partnership between Tunisia and Indonesia, particularly in the field of interior design. The day was marked by

December 26, 2004

December 23, 2004

23:28 GMT

As of January 1 2005, Amen Lease and Tunisia Leasing will merge according to a report in the Moroccan economics newspaper, L’Economiste. The deal has big implications for the financial industry in Nor

09:14 GMT

"Tunisie Telecom", the national public telephone provider, intends to offer 22,000 additional ADSL connections next year in order to meet the increasing demand for faster internet connections, the Tun

08:45 GMT

The draw for the sixth World Junior Women's Basketball Championships inTunisia will take place on March 19. A total of 12 teams will participate in th

December 21, 2004

13:17 GMT

The famous Tunisian singer, Safia Chamia died last Thursday at the age of 73. The Tunisian cultural magazine Tunis Hebdo describes how she was actuall

13:04 GMT

Data collected within the recent Tunisian census has indicated a slowdown in population growth and a clear improvement in the standard of living of th

December 20, 2004

12:46 GMT

The first day of the female football championship of Tunisia took place over the weekend, according to a pres statement from the Tunisian football lea

12:46 GMT

About twenty prisoners successfully launched a prison escape in the north east of Tunisia on Sunday, according to Tunisian opposition sources. The esc