June 9, 2014

The real estate registration fee in Dubai remains among the lowest worldwide.
20:55 GMT

A complaint has been lodged against a real estate firm for allegedly taking a slice out of transaction fees being collected for the government by doubling the charge to clients.

Bu Shehab pointed out that there are other proposals that would be discussed with the Ministry of Interior and other competent bodies on the federal level in this regard.
09:47 GMT

He noted that the RTA raised the flexible working hours policy three years ago, but it was put on hold because traffic flow was smooth at that time.

Etihad and Emirates said that the safety of passengers and crew is of the utmost importance.
09:21 GMT

Militants disguised as police guards armed with machine guns reportedly stormed the airport Sunday night. There are 23 dead, including all of the militants, according to reports.

Ahlam's beautiful shoe collection. (Image: Facebook)
08:11 GMT

Ahlam wants the entire world to know that she has a fabulous - and expensive - show collection!

June 8, 2014

Abu Dhabi has been seeing a boom in tourism in recent months, with occupancy levels in the emirate’s hotels reaching 71 per cent in 2013.
03:55 GMT

The beach resort will include a 295-room low-rise hotel in addition to a spa, meeting rooms and 11 villas.

June 6, 2014

Kottak admitted to drinking alcohol but denied the other charges against him. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

His addiction finally caught up to American drummer for the Scorpions after he was arrested for intoxication in the Dubai airport.

June 5, 2014

Hussain enjoys a cup of tea on a Cairo bridge. (Image: Facebook)
11:24 GMT

UAE singer Hussain al Jasmi enjoyed a cup of traditional Egyptian tea as he said "cheers" to Al Sisi's Presidential win this week.

27-year-old Saif al-Mansuri from the United Arab Emirates won the prestigious competition. (Image:
09:23 GMT

One talented poet in the United Arab Emirates got a whole lot richer last week. He won the prize of $1.2 million competing in the popular TV talent show "Million's Poet."

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is filming now in Abu Dhabi.
05:00 GMT

"Game of Thrones" star Gwendoline Christie and "12 Years A Slave" actress Lupita Nyong'o join the filming fun for "Star Wars: Episode VII", which has started to shooting already in Abu Dhabi.

The ministry has warned that violators of the ban will be fined Dhs15,000 if they are found forcing labourers to work under direct sunlight.
03:55 GMT

Workers will be restricted from carrying out any work under direct sunlight from 12.30 pm to 3pm during this period

June 4, 2014

Who do you think wins the "most fashionable" competition between Haifa and Ahlam? (Image: Albawaba edit)
10:38 GMT

"Queen" Ahlam wants to turn back the time to look better than Haifa Wehbe.

The force is clearly with the Healer Twins (Image: Waleed Shah/ Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Filming has recently been taking place in the Abu Dhabi desert, where 25-year-old sisters Thea and Lika Shengelaia headed for four days of shooting.

June 3, 2014

The arrested suspect stands accused of gathering intelligence on the UAE (File/AFP)
19:00 GMT

A man accused of spying and collaborating with a foreign country is under investigation by the UAE's State Security.

LinkedIn was also able to track the leading source countries for talent coming into the UAE and the countries to which talent was migrating, as well as the UAE industry sectors that gained the most
17:48 GMT

The UAE has attracted more professional talent as a percentage of its workforce than countries such as Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, Singapore and Australia.

“The UAE is known for setting new benchmarks in various fields and creating exemplary standards that are being emulated across the region."
13:20 GMT

This was among the few demonstrations worldwide, where a government-issued identity card has been used to enable financial transactions.