سامر المصري يرد على الإتهامات الموجهة له

Published: March 5, 2011 GMT

Prominent Syrian actor Samer Al Masri denied allegations that his wife had physically abused their maid, asserting that the video with statements made by the maid
سامر المصري يرد على الإتهامات الموجهة له
Title: سامر المصري يرد على الإتهامات الموجهة له View Count:
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Shame on this Syrian actor and most especially SHAME on his wife NIVEEN. This couple should be punished, especially his wife for all the tortures that she has done to their helpless maid. Why are MAJORITY of ARABS are so DISRESPECTFUL of human dignity? They should not be allowed to have maids or helpers in their household. They don't know how to treat people of lower economic status humanely. They feel and act as if they are above the level of these helpless people from poor countries. SHAME ON YOU SAMER!!! SHAME ON YOU NIVEEN!!! The two of you should be punished and jailed.

Concerned (not verified) Wed, 03/09/2011 - 12:49

Ok GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Just because we're arab, it doesnt mean we're disrespectful to human dignity. WHO KNOWS what the story behind this actually is and you have no right to point fingers. "not allowed to have maids?" These women become maids out of their own free will, they arent forced to come to syria or lebanon to be maids. Get your facts right bitch. Its sad to see that some people are sooooo ignorant. It has nothing to do with race or culture. & If you actually step into an Arabic country, you may actually see that some people treat these maids as if they were part of their own family. You dont know if this woman actually fabricated the whole thing or this is true.

Anonymous (not verified) Sat, 03/12/2011 - 20:48

He told Al-Arabiya that the maid escaped after she was questioned regarding stolen items and she jumped from a small window 15 meters high to escape and then the idiot contradicted himself by saying that no one was at home when she escaped. If she was alone why would she escape from a high window when she could have walked out the door ?

Scenario 1 - He beat her up after he discovered the missing items but that is probably a lieand nothing was stolen.

Scenario 2 - He beat her up and threw her out the window.

In any case he should be locked up but knowing Arab justice, she will be jailed or deported and he will have to pay some baksheesh.

Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 03/08/2011 - 14:51

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