Killing Qaddafi

Published: July 19, 2012 GMT

Syrian activists are circulating what they claimed to be the first video showing former Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi as a dead corpse. Sami al-Hamwi, a Syrian activist, who tweeted the
Killing Qaddafi
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First of all, this shows Arabs are non-civilized and barbaric. Your insensitivity and lack of respect for human life is so evident by showing this photo at your site. For years you bow and worship these dictators as people in many Arabic countries are doing even today and then you show such great disrespect for them and human life. Shame on Arab culture and way of life. Assad is a dictator true but he is at least independent-minded and is a man unlike the Sheikhs that kiss the arse of Western leaders.

Mehran Parsi (not verified) Fri, 07/20/2012 - 00:28

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