Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism 2014 Interview

Published: March 23, 2014 GMT

A U.S. rabbi released a statement this week condemning Israel's expansionist policies, saying it is "counter to Judaism."
Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism 2014 Interview
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Aren't they talking about the country of Israel? There is no country of Palestine. At least not on any map I've seen. In the country of Israel the residents should be able to live anywhere they want, regardless of whether they are Jewish or not. That seems fair. If you don't like it, there is always the option of emigrating to another country like millions do around the world each year. Or raise legitimate issues to your political representatives asking for change. What we need more of is examples of Jewish and non-Jewish people living peacefully together. There are millions of such examples in Israel today. The media focuses on strife. But we need to focus on peace. Most Jewish and non-Jewish people in Israel get along just fine. Let's build on that. But all the while not forget its the country of Israel. Its the only Jewish country in the world and no country is perfect. If you don't like it, find a better country for your family. There are lots to choose from.

Anonymous (not verified) Sat, 03/29/2014 - 14:00

This is so funny - a sect called the N. Karaites you will quote and write about. You hate the Jews so much that you would quote a person who has been guilty of attending and applauding the Holocaust Denial conferences. Are you that bloodthirsty? These creatures are the Judenrats of today. Yet this hypocrite person you write about - will go and live in Jerusalem for free - claiming religious excuses so he doesn't have to support the country that allowed him in. How does he get his money? From the very terrorist organizations (i.e. Hamass) it supports. One day, Israel will do the right thing and deny this creature and it's cult from ever entering.

Why don't you write about the Italian Sheikh who supports Israel? Or even the true righteous gentile - Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan (May he live to be 120 and have a safe life)? Why do you have to write articles fueling the hatred of Jews and Israel? Are you that Jealous?

Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 03/27/2014 - 18:50

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