I Offered You Pleasure

Published: February 18, 2013 GMT

At least 25 bloggers have been charged with “insulting” the Kuwaiti Emir since October 2012, and several of them have been convicted this year; Iran, the U.S. and Saudi; banned movie in Lebanon offers pleasure; and Port Said starts civil disobedience in Egypt.
I Offered You Pleasure
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1. Policy? What "policy?"2. American look? No such thing; it's the one thing the U.S. and Israel lack in common: a "national anpraeapce."As to one comment re language, again like Israel, we have many legal citizens who don't speak English - good or otherwise, American or otherwise. (The sign at the gate is in English, Spanish, and Hebrew !)

Martin (not verified) Wed, 07/16/2014 - 20:35

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