Israel 'walks like an Egyptian' but protests like a bourgeois Zionist

Israel 'walks like an Egyptian' but protests like a bourgeois Zionist
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Regime threatens violence against tent-camp protesters. Regime uses violence against Palestinian protesters. Need to set up tent-camps all over the country. In each tent camp, need to set up defense committees. Defend the tent camps! Defend the right to a home! The people demand social justice! The people demand a state of all its citizens! The people demand an end to the stormtrooper regime! Solidarity against the stormtrooper regime! Freedom for Palestine! Social justice for all! A home for all! Solidarity now!

Henry Lowi (not verified) Fri, 08/12/2011 - 18:16

so much disinformation. First, be aware that Arab Israelis are better off in Israel than Arabs are in any other neighboring country - economically, housing, safety, rights, and general well being. Second, the current protest is very focused and this time it is not (for a change) about the occupation. Third, colonialism is a term describing a nation which keeps colonies outside of its proper boundary. In the case of Israel and the territories it occupied from the Kingdom of Jordan during the 1967 in which Jordan and 6 other Arab nations unsuccessfully tried again to destroy the newly established state of Israel, this is not colonialism: there are no colonies governed by a distant nation. There never was a Palestinian state, and the only chance for one to be created is if Israel creates it, hoping it does not turn into another police state ruled by an iron fist of a monarch or a derelict general, with no rights to its citizens but the right to be bitten and killed by their Arab brothers, in mosques, hospitals and cemeteries like every single Arab state in the region. It is always amazing to see the solidarity between Arabs - how 1000's of unarmed civilians are killed over months in most gruesome ways by fellow Arab brothers and hardly a word of criticism is heard. I really feel sorry for these guys. Imagine what will this blog would read like, as well as world media, if a single frame of these atrocities we see in 1000s of videos coming out of Syria for 3 months now - was showing Israelis. hypocrisy seems to be inherent in the Arab point of view

aburabia (not verified) Sun, 08/07/2011 - 18:00

YESS! Thank you Seraj!
But FYI, as one of the Palestinian protesters in TLV know that the Irony does not surpass me. I did not think for a second that the protests are in any shape or form about my rights in Jaffa and the REAL housing crisis in Jaffa where 700 hundred Palestinian families are under threat of demolition and evacuation. My presence in Rotchild was meant to serve as a reminder that there can NEVER be social justice while Israel continues to suck the blood of another nation. Israelis have to know that they have it GOOD in TLV and yeah rent and sushi prices may be high but better high rent and sushi prices than no access to water, living in camps, having limited freedom of movement and the constant physical danger of being an occupied people under a brutal army.

Anonymous (not verified) Sun, 08/07/2011 - 09:36

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