Google’s Eye Goggles Leave Hands Free

Google’s Eye Goggles Leave Hands Free
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Published April 7th, 2012 - 20:29 GMT

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Google Spectacles provide HUD in a pair of Goggle lenses
Google Spectacles provide HUD in a pair of Goggle lenses
Google Reveals Project Glass, HUD in Your Eyeglasses
Just when you thought after contacts and laser surgery that you'd never had to wear specs or get called 4-eyes again, Google comes up with another mobile contraption to keep your eyes glued to the screen.
The Lebanese should take to these like bees to the honey as they like nothing more than fashion accessories and mobile phones. And Google's latest innovation is shades and mobile device in one!

"Google finally revealed Project Glass, an augmented-reality experiment with HUD interface in an eyeglass-like frame that brings the Internet to a small screen above the right eye, the gadget streams data to the wearer’s eyes in real time."
Source: Gradly
The Allnighter
When you realize you're not as young as you used to be... Here's the scenario of pulling that all-nighter sketched in a comedy format to outline those familiar highs lows and crashes!
Source: PhD Comics
The Economist: Art in the Middle East: An avenue of free expression
An article in The Economist discussing some of the more controversial artworks at this year’s Art Dubai:

“Perhaps surprisingly, it is in countries with especially severe regimes, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, where the art is the most clever and interesting."


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