Andrey Khovratov Introduces New Economic Evolution of The World to Dampen Crisis Impact

Published July 9th, 2020 - 01:30 GMT
Andrey Khovratov Introduces New Economic Evolution of The World to Dampen Crisis Impact
Courtesy Andrey Khovratov.

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There can be no doubt that many global and local economic crises might have been averted had the population of the world at large been more financially literate and capable of disposing of their funds without the dominance and influence of the upper echelons of financial powerhouses. There is a need for a new approach to solving the main issues of financial independence among the world’s population, a solution that would empower people and grant them the knowledge necessary to become a unified force capable of controlling the flow of global economic processes on the basis of a consensus model formed on the foundation of mutually shared knowledge.

The signs that such an approach is needed can be seen in the current global economic situation. According to the latest forecast of the World Bank, in 2020 the world’s GDP is expected to decrease by 5.2%. Such a decline in the global economy will be the most severe in many decades, as in most emerging market economies and developing countries, per capita incomes are expected to drop significantly. It is also extremely important to solve the problems associated with the limited scale of social protection systems, as well as carry out reforms to ensure steady and sustainable economic growth on the basis of ongoing education.

The given global forecast is fraught with extreme uncertainty, as the economic consequences depend on unpredictable factors, including the development of the pandemic’s course, the intensity and effectiveness of deterrence measures, and many others. Many countries are facing a multi-level crisis, which includes a shock in the healthcare sector, disruptions in the economy due to internal factors, a sharp drop in external demand for goods and services, a reversal in capital flows and a collapse in commodity prices.

As economic impacts include particularly severe shocks in individual sectors, policymakers will need to take significant targeted fiscal, monetary, and financial policies to support affected households and enterprises. Such actions will help maintain existing economic relations throughout the entire period of cessation of activity and are fundamentally important so that after the weakening of the pandemic and the lifting of deterrence measures, it would be possible to gradually return to a normal level of economic activity.

This is where the need for a strengthening of the education sector comes in as a determining factor for ensuring the stability and sustainability of the global economy that would depend on each individual’s abilities to make sound financial decisions. It is evident that governments alone are incapable of taking sufficient steps, or are unwilling to, so as to ensure their populations with the necessary levels of financial literacy. That means the efforts needed will become the responsibility of individuals willing to set up organizations and projects capable of providing such services.

One of the leading experts in financial education and professional personal development is Andrey Khovratov who has extensive experience in providing quality courses for empowering individuals and unlocking their potential as entrepreneurs and successful investors. Andrey Khovratov is a professional in the investment sector with over 20 years of experience in the real estate, commercial real estate and many other sectors who has successfully established educational projects on financial subjects that have attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. Andrey Khovratov’s courses in India alone have attracted over 25,000 individuals, many of whom have gone on to become investors and prosperous entrepreneurs.

Andrey Khovratov leads professional education courses on personal development and allows the attendees to delve into the inner workings of financial markets to grant people the knowledge they need to make educated and sound investment decisions. Andrey Khovratov believes that empowering people to dispose of their funds in a manner based on firm understanding of the industry is the only way to allow the global economy to take on a new path of development.

The New Economic Evolution of the World, or NEEW, is the most recent educational project that Andrey Khovratov has decided to launch. The NEEW is an undertaking that seeks to bring together people to provide them with the necessary knowledge and financial experience in investing from leading experts from various industries. By allowing people to learn the basics and more intricate details of the art of investing, the NEEW will allow its participants to invest in world-class companies, even with small starting capital, for ensuring revenues.

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