Bahrain promises labor market reforms that include workforce training

Bahrain promises labor market reforms that include workforce training
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Published August 9th, 2012 - 10:55 GMT via

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Ministry of Labour (MoL) is planning to submit the national plan for labour market reform 2012-2013 to the Cabinet soon, said a senior minister yesterday.

Labour Minister Jameel Humaidan said ministry was currently finalising the requisite programming for labour market including training for the workforce to bolster national economy.

The minister accentuated the completion of 95 per cent of the dossier of demobilised workers, pointing out that the ministry seeks to narrow the differences between corporate management and employees in the private sector to solve the remaining disputed cases of dismissed workers as soon as possible.

Regarding the Free Labour Syndicate, the minister said that the new association ushers in positive atmosphere and asserted that the ministry was closely working with the union to avoid repulsion of workers in establishments.

Mr. Humaidan said that members of the Free Labour Syndicate have exhibited positive inclinations on their part and we stand by their side so as to achieve desired results.

The minister had received last Monday the chairman and members of the executive board of the Bahrain Free Labour Trade Unions Association on the occasion of completion of its incorporation procedures.

During the meeting, the minister stressed the significance of boosting and developing the role of labour unions as one of our most significant national gains.

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