Dubai Airport Freezone Company Honored with a Prestigious Award

Dubai Airport Freezone Company Honored with a Prestigious Award
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Published October 9th, 2010 - 17:54 GMT

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Dubai Airport Freezone based firm Manav Enterprises specialized in electrical safety solutions was awarded the prestigious US-Asia Business Forum Award.


The 2010 USABF award was given to Mr. Bannerjee by Brad Sherman, a member of Congress for his “Invaluable and outstanding service to the community.” In another ceremony, the County of Los Angeles has also honoured Mr. Bannerjee with a commendation for “IT Person of the Year for Outstanding Innovation in Internet Technology.”  Mr. Bannerjee and Param Singh, Regional Manager – Marketing, Manav Enterprises received the congratulatory message from Mr. Nasser Al Madani, Assistant Director General of Dubai Airport Freezone on behalf of the company during their visit to the Freezone administration office.


Mr.Al Madani, congratulated Mr. Sonjib Bannerjee, Managing Director of Manav Enterprises for receiving the prestigious award.


“It was wonderful news that a Dubai Airport Freezone company received such a prestigious recognition from the US Congress. I would like to assure you of our continued support and congratulate you on this outstanding achievement,” said Mr. Al Madani.


Manav Enterprises Middle East FZCO is a Dubai Airport Freezone company that started its journey in 2005 with a mission to provide electrical safety solutions to save life, livestock and assets. Presently based in Dubai Airport Freezone, the company spread its reach in most of the Middle East nations. Manav Enterprises began with addressing the electrical safety needs of the region where a thorough understanding of the problems faced by developers, consultants and consumers were taken into consideration.


In the UAE, Manav Enterprises has worked with government departments in Dubai Abu Dhabi, DEWA, FEWA, Burj Khalifa and many projects in the country. “We enjoyed growth of 200 per cent when we first set up shop in the Dubai Airport Freezone and our services and products are in such great demand that we need to expand to cope with the growth. Even in recent times, we expanded the number of our employees from two people to our current staff strength of 50 and we would be recruiting more. Last year’s growth was 90 per cent,” said Mr. Bannerjee.


He added that his company chose to be based at the Dubai Airport Freezone, for “Its good infrastructure and facilities, the sophisticated business environment and nice interaction with customers at the Free Zone. We do not mind paying for quality facilities and services.”


Apart from the recent international awards Manav Enterprises received appreciation letters from DEWA and the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company. The company’s certifications include an ISO 9001, a hazardous installation certification and French certificate for quality product and another for ground breaking R&D. The company’s affiliates are Duval Messien - France, Continental Industries - USA Dameks - Turkey, Brass and Alloy (I) Ltd – India, Sovereign EPS - UK, and Vergokan - Belgium.


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