A Google doodle for the UAE

A Google doodle for the UAE
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Published December 2nd, 2012 - 11:35 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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Google has celebrated the UAEs national day with a new 'Google doodle'
Google has celebrated the UAEs national day with a new 'Google doodle'
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Google joins UAE in celebrating the country’s 41 National Day with an artistic doodle highlighting the occasion on Google’s homepage on the UAE domain on December 2.

The doodle shows four flying falcons carrying banners in the colours of the UAE flag: red, white, green and black. Each of the six banners features a letter from the Google logo, with the second ‘o’ in the word depicting one of the ancient tombs found on the island of Umm Al Nar.

The small island off the coast of Abu-Dhabi is the site of a major oil refinery today but it is no less significant from a historical perspective.

In the late fifties of the last century, teams of archaeologists from Denmark and Iraq, besides local experts, made findings that offered remarkable insights into the culture and lifestyle of the early inhabitants of the UAE dating back to the period from 2500-2000 BC. Back then, Umm Al Nar was involved in fishing and copper smelting. Its traders travelled as far as Mesopotamia and the Indus valley, according to the website of the Abu-Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.

The archaeological excavations at the time uncovered a number of ancient burial sites. Some of the tombs — built out of stones — are circular in shape with their diameters ranging from 6 to 12 metres and divided into chambers. Some of the tombs are decorated with carvings of oryx, oxes, snakes and camels.

“Through this doodle, Google aims to celebrate the union of the UAE as well as to raise awareness of the cultural treasures that exist there,” a statement by Google said.

Google is known for its smart doodles that celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and lives of famous individuals throughout history.

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