Iran to push ahead with nuclear programme- state media

Iran to push ahead with nuclear programme- state media
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Published January 27th, 2013 - 07:43 GMT via

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In today’s world, countries are going away from nuclear fission and towards nuclear fusion
In today’s world, countries are going away from nuclear fission and towards nuclear fusion
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Special advisor for international affairs to the Leader of Iran said; “retreat from a peaceful nuclear program is neither logical nor practical.” * The only correct way is for the US to re-consider its policies Ali Akbar Velayati Special advisor for international affairs to the Leader of Iran Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in an interview with Mehr News Agency stated that considering the limited oil and gas resource of the country in the long run, Iran must create new energy sources for future generations. He stressed that the US official are well aware of this, and have no choice but to accept these realities.

Velayati, in response to a question that some Western News media named him as the negotiators with the US said; “I haven’t had any negotiation in Oman or outside of Oman.” He added these kind of fundamental policy initiative are basically part of the authority of the Supreme Leader, and so far he has not given any permission to anybody to negotiate with the US.

Velayati, in response to another question; “Has there been any negotiation without Supreme Leader permission with the US,” said; maybe somebody who has Iranian passport talk to Americans, and the International Press report that as a “negotiation between Iran and the US.” This has nothing to do with IRI Government, and I have to say that I do not know if anybody has talk to the US or not.

He also talked about John Kerry and Chuck Hagel the new Obama choices for Foreign and Defense Secretaries; The US has not had any different reactions from Iran for its foreign policies initiatives for the past 30 years in the region. He also said; in fact they have never got positive outcome from their previous policies, and they always received the opposite result. Therefore they must re-consider their policies.

Velayati emphasized if there are rational consensuses in the US, logically, there should be a re-consideration of policies towards Iran. He added; the nuclear issue is a strategic issue for Iran, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy are our “unalienable rights” and IRI will never give up its right and there are complete consensuses on this issue. * Why Iranian could not let go of peaceful nuclear energy? Special advisor for international affairs to the Leader of Iran, in another part of his interview said; Just like in any other country, Iran may also have some people that they are not agree with government policies, but they are all agree with having peaceful nuclear energy. It is just like the historical name of the Persian Gulf for the Iranians, which we all agree is “Persian Gulf.” For instance National Geographic named “Persian Gulf” a "John Doe Gulf", and every Iranian form all over the world, protested this action, even the opposition took position (to show they are with people) against National Geographic (to show they are with people), and at the end National Geographic was forced to correct it.

Velayati noted; that nuclear issue is also a national issue, because it belongs to the future of Iran and Iranian people and we cannot bring sham for future generations by forgoing the peaceful nuclear energy technology. Fossil fuel energy will finish sometimes in the near future, and we must be thinking about its replacement. No other source of energy, among the known sources, is better than nuclear energy, and cannot provide better replacement for future generations, except nuclear energy, especially nuclear energy that is from the leftover of nuclear fuels.

He emphasized; in today’s world, countries are going away from nuclear fission and towards nuclear fusion, since there are less sludge and nuclear waste involved. Iran is also following appropriate ways to secure clean nuclear energy sources for future. Velayati reiterated; once the Leader of IRI said, imagine if the oil resources that we have now, belonged to the West, how do you think they would’ve distributed it [oil] between the poor nations? They would have distributed it, drop by drop or with a very high price. Today we must also be alert, with fossil fuel at its lowest levels, and all Western countries will have nuclear energy in the next decades or so. The main source of energy will be in the hands of the Western countries, and poor countries will not have any choice but to bow down and follow the policies of Western countries, if they want to get nuclear energy. Beside, in order to ensure a bright future for Iranians, and get away from the problems for future generations, Iran could not and would not let go of nuclear energy.

Velayati stressed that based on these reasons that I’ve mentioned, there are no brave Iranian Muslim and patriot that would be ready to forgo the industrial future, science and technology of his/her country. The US is also aware of this fact and sooner or later will accept it.

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