Jordan Customs announced this week in a press statement the  release of an improved version of the “Golden List Programme” aimed at further facilitating the trade of goods with other countries. 

“This revised form will enable Jordanian trading companies to strengthen their competitive edge in both domestic and international markets,” the statement said. 

The Golden List Programme, launched in August 2005 and now revised with the support of USAID’s Fiscal Reform II Project (FRPII), is a Jordan Customs programme that gives preferred operator status to companies that demonstrate low risk as well as a strong compliance history with certain customs requirements. 

“By facilitating trade transactions for these companies, Jordan Customs not only encourages good corporate citizenship amongst trading companies, but also promotes international best practice in trade across borders,” the statement added. 

According to Jordan Customs, 45 Jordanian companies are presently enrolled in the Golden List Programme, benefiting from reduced cargo processing times, enhanced security of their goods and better risk management.

In order to incentivise more Jordanian companies to join the programme, Jordan Customs is introducing new mechanisms that include revised and less stringent requirements and more benefits. 

“The Golden List Programme is one of our signature initiatives that seek to facilitate trade and increase competitiveness of Jordan’s economy,” Jordan Customs Director General Munther Abdel Qader Al Assaf said in the press statement. 

“The revised programme we are launching today is crucial for expanding the membership base of Jordanian compliant companies,” he added. “By joining this preferred list, Jordanian companies can also enjoy other perks provided by foreign countries linked up with the programme by virtue of bilateral and multilateral agreements.” 

The revaluation of the Golden List Programme was realised with technical support from USAID’s FRPII, particularly in the marketing and outreach campaign as well as the revision of the membership criteria and implementing the consultation channels with Golden List companies and other members of Jordan’s private sector. 

“Our partnership with Jordan Customs in implementing trade facilitating programmes such the Golden List amongst others is a success story untold. Jordan has significantly improved its trade across borders. According to the World Bank Doing Business report, Jordan’s ranking in trading across borders has improved from 77 in the 2011 report to 57 in the 2014 report, essentially jumping 21 positions,” FRPII’s Chief of Party Roberto Toso commented. 

A number of Golden List companies have also been recognised for their exceptional compliance and cooperation at the Jordan Customs launch. 

The companies include Petra Engineering Industries, Haider Murad & Sons Investment Group, Amman Drugs & Trading Co. Ltd. Adatco, Arab Potash Company, EAM Maliban Textiles (Jordan) Private Limited, Munir Sukhtian Group and Manaseer Group Oil and Gas.