Inflation creeping up in Kuwait

Inflation creeping up in Kuwait
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Published October 31st, 2012 - 08:30 GMT via

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Inflation on the rise in Kuwait
Inflation on the rise in Kuwait

Inflation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 1.9 percent y/y in September compared to the same month of the past year, according to figures released by the Kuwait Central Statistical Office yesterday.

The office said in its monthly bulletin (for September) the rate of inflation rose in Kuwait 0.2 percent in September compared to August, on monthly basis. Prices of basic food rose 3.8 percent in September in contrast to the same month of 2011. Prices of meat, chicken and fish increased 0.1 percent, those of tea and coffee 1.6 percent, prices of fruits and vegetable 0.1 percent, other foods 0.3 percent, sugar 1 percent.Increase was also posted for the prices of oils, 1.7 percent, that of cereals and bread dropped, 0.5 percent, and the prices of dairy products and eggs rose 0.9 percent. Prices of clothes and footwear rose 2.7 percent, educational and health services, 1.7 percent y/y.

The prices of other commodities and services increased 1.8 percent, y/y, beverages and tobacco 5.4 percent, transports 1.4 percent, household commodities and services 1.8 percent. Comparing inflation in September as compared to August on monthly basis, the figures showed rise of the prices of the food products, 0.3 percent, other goods dropped 0.2 percent and those of health and educational services rose 0. 4 percent.As to transports in September compared to the previous month, they rose 0.6 percent, while those of the beverages and tobacco also increased 0.2 percent. — KUNA

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