Mawani Selects Qtel Data Centre to Support Growing Global Needs

Mawani Selects Qtel Data Centre to Support Growing Global Needs
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Published October 10th, 2010 - 14:38 GMT

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Qtel Data Centre

Doha, Qatar


Mawani, the new company that will manage Qatar’s ports and international marine port interests, has selected Qtel as its technology partner to provide a full data centre solution.


Established in July 2009 by Royal Decree, Mawani will play a key role in the evolution of Qatar as a major logistic and planning hub, and will take on increasingly international responsibilities in the years ahead. With a huge volume of data generated on a daily basis, the company required a solution that provides the incredible flexibility and security needed as a global marine port pioneer.


Under the terms of the agreement, Qtel will host their primary IT infrastructure at the Qtel Data Centre. The systems that drive the growth of Mawani will be operated from the Qtel Data Centre, supported by comprehensive connectivity and security.


Hubs in the port area will be fully-connected to the Qtel Data Centre through secure, high-speed connections, so that data can be uploaded and accessed in real-time. The full solution is set to go live in August, to support Mawani’s bold plans for growth and development.


Captain Abdullah Al Khungi, Marine Services Manager, Mawani, said: “Mawani has selected Qtel as a technology partner because of its world-class expertise and its capacity to provide performance, speed and technology in the manner we require. Mawani has an ambitious vision for development that will benefit the global marine port industry, and it is important we build our foundations with companies like Qtel who provide the same level of leadership in their industries.”


The relationship has been designed to support Mawani’s expansion as it takes on further international port interests outside of Qatar. The current hosting site in Qtel Data Centre has been designed to expand across multiple sites and provide international accessibility and connectivity.


Qtel Data Centre was the first global data centre in the region to provide local and regional customers with a full range of Enterprise Hosting, Managed and Professional Services.


Qtel Data Centre’s fully-redundant facility has been designed and deployed in compliance with world-class carrier standards and best industry standards.


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