Teachers strike in the West Bank

Teachers strike in the West Bank
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Published December 17th, 2012 - 08:34 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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Teacher haven taken strike action in the West Bank in protest of unpaid wages
Teacher haven taken strike action in the West Bank in protest of unpaid wages
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Hundreds of teachers in the cities of Nablus, Hebron, Bethlehem and Jenin Sunday went on a mass strike to protest the long delay in paying their November salary, said sources.

Head of Teachers’ Union in Nablus Issam Dababsah told WAFA that about 3500 teachers went on a mass strike to protest not being paid their salaries that are delayed for 16 days.

He said the strike, which included 57,000 students in 166 schools, came as a result to teachers being unable to afford transportation in order to reach the schools they work in as they were not paid their November salary yet.

He said, “The teachers can’t take this any longer! This strike came to voice the teachers’ desperation.”

Meanwhile, around 20 schools in the south of Nablus directorate of Education joined the strike.

Izz Dawaisha, Head of south of Nablus directorate of Education, said the strike is an individual step made by the teachers in south of Nablus to protest the salary shortage.

In Hebron tens of teachers joined the strikes and demanded the government to pay their November salary and take responsibility, affirming that they will not head to schools on Monday, said teachers.

While in Jenin, teachers protested at the directorate of Education leading to cripple the educational process in several schools, according to teachers.

Moreover, teachers in Bethlehem began a partial strike after the fourth period responding to an invitation by the Teachers’ Secretariat, one of many strikes to follow if the recent conditions continue.

Palestinian Teachers General Secretariat declared a partial strike in Palestinian schools across the West Bank on Wednesday and Thursday after the fourth period if the salaries were not paid soon.

General-Secretary of the Teachers’ Secretariat Muhammad Suwan called on the government to provide public employees’ salaries as soon as possible because of the unbearable conditions.


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