UAE to control prices of animals for Eid

UAE to control prices of animals for Eid
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Published October 15th, 2012 - 08:32 GMT via

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Prices for animals in Eid are being controlled, the UAE government have confirmed
Prices for animals in Eid are being controlled, the UAE government have confirmed
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For the first time, the prices of animals will be fixed as per their weight and kind across the country from this Eid, Ministry of Economy officials said.

For the first time again, livestock traders will have to display the price lists of their animals after getting them approved from the ministry a week prior to the advent of Eid Al Adha.


The price lists should include the weight and kind of the animals on sale and must be displayed from next week.


Traders should retain the purchase bills of the animals to be produced to the ministry’s inspectors upon request, failing which the animals will be confiscated. These were announced by Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of the Consumer protection Department, during a visit to the livestock market in Fujairah recently.


The Ministry of Economy will launch inspection visits before Eid Al Adha, and violators will be slapped with hefty fines, he warned. “Prices of livestock are stable and enough sacrificial animals will be made available according to the needs of consumers,” he said. The ministry has reached an agreement with suppliers to import 300,000 heads of cattle, which are expected to arrive in the country in the next few days.


The ministry, he said, has other options for supplying more sacrificial animals to markets in all emirates if there is further demand. “Livestock prices will not shoot up, and will be the same as those during the period preceding Eid Al Adha,” he said, noting that the price of the locally bred big Al Jazeeri ram is Dh900 and small Dh500, while the Somali ram will be sold at Dh800. “Prices this year will be similar to last year, and all government institutions will cooperate and coordinate to meet the consumer demand by importing sufficient numbers of livestock.”


He urged cattle traders to cooperate to maintain price stability and display the price lists in their stalls.

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