Technical hitch leaves scores of UAE workers without pay

Technical hitch leaves scores of UAE workers without pay
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Published August 21st, 2012 - 09:47 GMT via

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Technical difficulties
Technical difficulties
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Due to a technical computer problem with the salaries being paid in the UAE, the computer system did not allow workers to get paid ahead of the Eid Al firr. The payments distribution lost its ability to handle the funds electronic exchange due to the Wage Protection System shutting down.

The Ministry of Labor created the Wage Protection System, which was implemented by the UAE government, was to help maintain a uninterrupted flow of funds for workers in the country. The object was to produce a faster means of payment to workers in the Emirates. Its goal is to help protect the rights of all workers and to help bridge the communication gap between labor and supervisors.

Companies in the UAE are now being forced to abide by the new system in the coming months or they could suffer a severe penalty and/or criminal punishment. Furthermore, the government could suspend all future work permits for those companies that do not abide by the new wage system. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.

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