Central Bank of Yemen employees strike

Central Bank of Yemen employees strike
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Published January 10th, 2013 - 11:36 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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Workers at the Central Bank of Yemen are on strike over wage reforms
Workers at the Central Bank of Yemen are on strike over wage reforms
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Central Bank of Yemen
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Rasheed Al-Barakani

 Employees at the Central Bank of Yemen initiated a partial strike this week, calling for a restructuring of their wage package.  As a partial strike, employees refuse to work for a set number hours a day.   

According to sources, the strike will continue until next week and if the Bank’s administration refuses to respond to their demands, it will become a full-blown strike, with employees refusing to work at all.   Rasheed Al-Barakani, the Deputy of the Central Bank of Yemen Syndicate, said employees have attempted repeatedly to engage in negotiations with the administration. He said employees participated in a strike last May and followed up with another one in August.

The Minister of Defense mediated the August strike.

“We talked about our demands before and we considered the circumstances the country the bank went through, but now it’s time to fix things,” Al-Barakani said.   The administration of the bank formed a committee to reform the employees’ wages last September.

“Now the management says that they want an undefined period of time to study the findings of the committee,” Al-Barakani said.   He noted employees had provided the bank’s management with a month to implement the results, but they failed to adhere to a regulated time frame.

Attempts were made to reach the bank’s administration, but they are currently not officially commenting on the situation.

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