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  • Making the choice to invest in consulting sessions with an experienced coach marks a key step in your consulting career path. Not only do you trust this professional to guide you, but you will also learn a lot about optimising your abilities and demonstrating your skills and strengths as a professional consultant.
  • We live in a world that is full of opportunity, but the opportunity that you’re looking for might not be within your geographical area, but thousands of miles away. But, that definitely shouldn’t pull you back. We can’t just sit there and expect an opportunity to come knocking on our doors, life doesn’t work that way, we have to look for it and pursue it.
  • When they ask about your analytical skills, but never ask about your shisha preparation skills, that’s when you know that you might need to re-evaluate what you claim to be competent at.
  • Jeans, slacks, shorts, or a full on suit? You are looking at your bottomless wardrobe, imagining yourself dressed up but nothing seems fit. Hold the giggles; what to wear is not only a concern for beauty pageants and Instagram fashionistas.
  • The meeting room should be a hotbed for brainstorming creative ideas that employees would be excited to gather in and that would approach with a sense of mindfulness.

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