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  • So, you’ve just got your degree and now you’re ready to throw yourself into the job search machine. You know that the process of finding a job after student life is nerve-racking, laborious and daunting, as it is harder to demonstrate that you have enough knowledge and the right skills for the job when you have just graduated.
  • When they ask about your analytical skills, but never ask about your shisha preparation skills, that’s when you know that you might need to re-evaluate what you claim to be competent at.
  • Do you want to explore the wonders this world has to offer? Do you dream of constantly moving around and getting introduced to new cultures and lifestyles? There so many people out there who have the wanderlust but not the financial means.
  • Doesn’t matter what you call it: writer’s block or creative block or simply “Where is my inspiration when I need it?!” If you’re not always doing something new to revive your spirit, thing can get rote pretty quickly.
  • You’re in an interview for your dream job, and the employer asks you to introduce yourself. Easy, right? Wait, you haven’t heard the catch, yet.

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