Oops she did it again! FEMEN activist Amina's harsh words set Tunisia on fire...again

Published May 21st, 2013 - 06:41 GMT
More than words. FEMEN activist Amina Tyler is not yet done with Tunisia.
More than words. FEMEN activist Amina Tyler is not yet done with Tunisia.

Clashes erupted on Sunday between security forces and groups of young people in Bab Jalladine, Kairouan, noted a TAP journalist on site.

Security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters who hurled stones in an attempt to provoke them.

Following negotiations engaged by security officials on site and local dignitaries, security forces made a slight withdrawal of 500 metres as demonstrators shouted slogans "Get out" and "God is one and Mohamed is his prophet."

The clashes took place after "FEMEN" activist Amina was spotted while graffiting the name of the organisation and anti-Salafist slogans on the wall of the cemetery located near the Okba Ibn Nafaa mosque.

Such acts angered citizens gathering in Bab Jalladine, deeming it offensive to the values of Islam. They also threw stones at Amina which required the intervention of security forces.

The Interior Ministry had announced on its official Facebook page that security units in Kairouan had arrested a young woman on charges of "immoral acts" without disclosing her identity nor the nature of the incriminated acts.

The situation in the city of Kairouan is still tense; Shops in the old city shut down in the aftermath of these clashes.

The third congress of "Ansar Al-Chariaa," which was forbidden by the Interior Ministry, was initially scheduled in the city of Kairouan.

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