Video Shows Rich Russian Teenagers Throw Money Out of Car in St Petersburg

Published July 29th, 2018 - 07:44 GMT
(Shutterstock/File Photo)
(Shutterstock/File Photo)

A group of Russian teenagers have filmed themselves throwing money out of a car window while listening to gangster rap on the radio.

The teens posted the footage onto the Instagram account Russian Rich Kids, a site featuring wealthy young Russians jet setting to glamorous vacation spots, posing next to high-end cars and disturbingly, more footage of people throwing money fin the same manner as the one in this video.



The footage shows four teenagers, two girls and two men, driving along the streets of St Petersburg listening to gangster rap and flaunting their huge wads of cash for the camera.



One of the men shouts: 'Haha, take hundreds of dollars, you little people,' as he flings money from the car.

The video was later shared on Facebook group 'Richrussiankids' with the caption: 'Pavel Durov was throwing five-thousand Ruble (60 GBP) banknotes in Nevsky? Haha, take hundreds of dollars, you little people.'

According to local media, Russian police are looking for the teens as they suspect the driver is underage.

The video received nearly a million views with some social media users laughing at the stunt while others didn't see the funny side.

One user wrote: 'This is disgusting. They should be ashamed.'

Another said it was a shame that they 'cannot buy a new brain for themselves.'

Another wrote: 'Half the country is trying to survive from one salary to the next, from one pension to the next, and these people are simply spitting at the rest of the people living in the country.'

While most youths struggle to cope with the country's ailing economy, these youngsters aren't afraid to flaunt their lives of champagne, shopping and provocative images.

The Russian Rich Kids Instagram page is full of videos and images of young Russian men and women flaunting their wealth by posing outside their million pound houses, next to supercars, extravagant parties, lounging on yachts and taking trips to exotic locations on private jets.

The site was created anonymously to chronicle the glamorous lives of Russia's most wealthy teenagers.

The creator of the account is said to have created the account to mock social and economic injustice but in no way hates affluent Russian youth.

The information at the top says: 'This is a blog about a luxurious idle life, crossed with Russian realities.'


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