‘Khan al Qanadili’ Depicts ‘Futuwwat’ of Biological Weapons Age

Published January 22nd, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian scenarist Mohsen Zayed is gearing up for writing the scenario of the new TV drama Khan al Qanadili based on the writer Mohammed Galal’s novel, to be directed by Ismael Abdel Hafez.  

“The Media Production City bought my novel more than two years ago to turn it into a TV series entitled Khan al Qanadili. The series filming was scheduled to begin long time ago but it was postponed because Abdel Hafez, who was chosen by The Media Production City, stipulated that Zayed should write the script. Zayed was busy with the series Hadith al Sabah Wa al Masaa (Morning and Evening Speech) which was aired during last Ramadan,” Galal told the daily al Gomhuria. 

The prominent writer added, “the series depicts life in the Egyptian neighborhood and its move to the 21st century with all its developments and conflicts. It differs from the series Harat Naguib Mahfouz which succeeded in reflecting a real image of the neighborhood in the 21st century.” 

The series monitors the developments in the age of information, open skies and multi national companies and their impacts on the behavior of people and changes in the neighborhood. The Futuwwat (bullies) of Mahfouz, Futuwwat al Toot Wa al Nabbout, and Harafish Futuwwat no more appear in this series which focuses on the futuwwat of the satellite, rocket and biological weapons. 

The series also depicts how the village will encounter the attempts to be dominated and whether it will be able to dissolve in the New World or will adhere to its originality and good traditions. 

Galal confirmed that the credit for the big success of his series Ayyam al Munirah (al Munirah Days) which was previously aired by the TV goes to the screenwriter Anwar Abdul Mughith. The writer, according to Galal, adhered strictly to the script, the director possessed the technical skills and the competency of the renowned actor Mahmoud Yasin who played the starring role in the series. The novel therefore, he added, played a big role in exposing terrorism and its ways -- Albawaba.com 

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