‘Thieves KG2’ Masters Egyptian Box Office

Published May 18th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Haramiyya KG2 (Thieves KG2) attacked the Egyptian box office, collecting more than 10 million pounds in less than three months. 

Stuck to first place, the movie has been screened since al Adha feast at 30 cinema theaters in Cairo and other Egyptian cities. 

The young cast celebrated Friday the successes of their film. 

Shot by a group of young men, including cast, director and screenwriter, and set in a spontaneous environment, the film managed to defeat the films of prominent stars.  

The young director Sandra Nashat did all her best to make her film scripted by the young screenwriter Bilal Fadhel a success. Costarring in the film is a group of young actors who present their films of their own away from the other wave of comedy films, which has recently spread.  

The film begins with two thieves: Hasan (Karim Abdel Aziz) and al Sibae’i (Talat Zakaria) who plan for robbing the safe in which revenues from the Kaitby Fortress in Alexandria are kept. It continues with flowing rhythm and short inspiring scenes until Sibae’i is caught by the police. He bargains with his colleague Hasan to look after his small daughter Nasma (Maha) during his imprisonment in exchange of not revealing his name to the police as a partner in the robbery.  

Life of the free thief begins to change gradually when he takes the child home. Her presence corrects his violent and uncivil behavior and he begins to feel responsible. He gets up from bed early in the morning to take the child to her kindergarten after he buys her all her school needs. He continues like that until he meets Miss Reem (Hanan Tork), the child’s teacher. The two fall in love with each other without the teacher knowledge of his background.  

In an annoying funmaking and a thorny comedy situation the thief robs the school where the child is enrolled claiming that the school management exploits parents who work very hard to spend on their children. This suggests sympathy with the thief rather than with those who are robbed.  

The film drew attention with its deliberate brief movement details; lack of interest in the topic sociology and jumping over events with rapid rhythm that may attract young viewers -- Albawaba.com  

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