Ahmad Al Sharif’s daring new video

Published July 27th, 2007 - 11:08 GMT

Amidst a young and full of life environment the new video clip for singer Ahmad Al Sharif for the song “Bidi Teer” (I want to Fly) is filmed on the beach in the North of Lebanon.

The managing director for the song Ameel Slylani chose northern Lebanon even in the uncertain timing with what is going on in Lebanon as an area for filming. The location of the video clip took a period of two days to prepare. The camera moved through historic and seashore areas in the northern part.

  The clip passes from the old places in Tripoli to the Hari Beach and ending up in a historic port in Al Btron. The clip shows Ahmad’s adventurous personality, which is considered very much like his real self.

The clip talks about Ahmad as someone who is madly in love and he leaves early in the morning to his girl friend’s work and takes her on a trip to the beach. The trip is filled with surprises.

The people of the villages where the filming took place surrounded Ahmad and his crew. They were very happy that the filming took place in their area and they took many pictures with him.

The clip marks the third cooperation between Ahmad and Ameel. Samir Nakhlih wrote the song “Bidi Teer” and it was composed by Samir Safir.


The song is part of Ahmad’s upcoming album and it is scheduled for launch this October. . In his second album Ahmad will include Tunisian, Lebanese and Egyptian songs. 

According to the London daily Elaph, Ahmad has a very busy summer with live concerts scheduled around the Arab world

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