Ahmad Helmi defends Muna Zaki

Published July 4th, 2009 - 03:33 GMT

The famous Egyptian actor and comedian Ahmad Helmi defended his wife famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki after she was accused of making hot sexy scenes in her latest cinema film “Ehki Ya Shahrazad” (Shahrazad Talk). He pointed out that Muna’s role in the film was a special one and that it will be marked down in her acting history beside the other great roles she played in her previous films.

 Helmi made sure to be present at the special screening of the film where he was invited with a number of Egyptian journalists by the director of the film Yusri Nasr Allah. Helmi denied the rumors that were spreading about him being mad because of Muna’s role in the film. He stated sure that all was said about him being upset of Muna’s role and her hot sexy scenes in the film are not true and that he is very happy with her performance.

 He adds that the film had presented great talents like the actor Hasan Al Radad who was the leading male star of the film. Helmi congratulated him for his role and told Radad that he like his role in the film.

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