Ahmad Zaki’s health condition extremely critical

Published March 27th, 2005 - 11:23 GMT

Egyptian Minister of Health Mohammad Awad has made an announcement that prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki has been admitted into hospital after his health condition became extremely critical as a result of a spreading of cancer tumors from his lungs to the rest of his body organs. The Minister added that the actor is experiencing complications breathing and has developed a severe lung infection.


According to the London based Elaph, before the recent deterioration of the actor’s health he had strongly refused to fly off to Paris to undergo several tests to ensure his health condition is stable. The actor was requested by his French doctor to come to Paris in order to have new tests made, especially after he had a stroke earlier this month.


Zaki had recently suffered a stroke in his left leg, which was a result of his hectic schedule of filming scenes for his upcoming film “Haleem”. Ahmad’s doctors had created a plan for treatment focusing on minimizing the possibility of future strokes by increasing his blood immunity in order to have him return to completing the filming of his movie.


The first film about the life of the late Egyptian legendary singer Abdul Halim Hafez has finally took effect as Ahmad Zaki, who plays the role of Abdul Halim, began shooting the first scenes. A huge press conference with the presences of thousands of journalists and stars from around the Arab world was held for the launching of the film “Halim”.


The conference was Ahmad’s first public appearance in over a year after his health began deteriorating from lung cancer. During the actor’s speech, he was unable to hold in his tears and the crowd began applauding for over 7 minutes as a gesture of respect for Ahmad. Some of the guests that were present were prominent Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi, who will be singing the opening song of the film, and Syrian actors Jamal Sulieman and Sulaf Fougharji, who will be acting alongside Ahmad in the film.

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