Ahmad Zaki falls into a coma

Published March 22nd, 2005 - 07:36 GMT

Renowned actor Ahmad Zaki has fallen into a coma on Sunday March 20, 2005, forcing the administration of Dar Al Foad hospital, where the actor is staying, to move all the ICU equipments into his private room. Doctors have revealed that Ahmad’s condition is very critical and is becoming worse by the minute.


According to the Egyptian based daily, Al Ahram, the actor had been taking a stroll around the hospital garden on a wheelchair, and upon his return to the room, he experienced complications in his breathing leading him to fall into a coma. The condition of Ahmad remains very critical and unstable and the oxygen level in his blood is dropping dramatically.


Previously, the producer of the film “Halim” has denied the most recent rumor that prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki had requested that in the case he dies before the film is complete to have his actual funeral ceremony used in the movie. The producer stressed that such a rumor is simply ridiculous and insensitive.


Sameh Jubran, who has been by the side of Ahmad at the hospital the entire time, has stressed that he never heard such a request made by the actor and added that the film is still incomplete and that it is impossible to screen it because there are many scenes that need to be filmed.


Rumors had it that Zaki had requested the producer of the film that in the case he dies before the film is complete, he wants his funeral to be filmed by director Sharif Arafeh to incorporate it in the film. Ahmad stressed that he feels his funeral will be as memorable as the late singer Abdul Halim and using it will be more appropriate than using the old filmed copy of the late singer.

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