Ahmad Zaki goes on a strict diet

Published September 18th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki is currently on a strict diet in order to perfectly portray the role of late Egyptian legendary singer Abdul Halim Hafez in his upcoming film “Al Andaleeb”. The actor is also undergoing intensive work sessions to place the final details of his upcoming film, which is his debut film to the entertainment world after being away from the scenes for so long. The shooting of the scenes for the film are scheduled to take place in late September.  


Zaki requested of writer Mahfouz Abdul Rahman to complete the script of the movie, which tells the story of the late Egyptian legendary singer Abdul Haleem Hafez. This demand came after a five-hour meeting between the two as part of the attempts of Ahmad to return to his acting career. Zaki asserted that he is willing to work 10 hours a day in order to finish this movie, but the actor's doctors stressed that he cannot work more than 4 hours and may allow him to work 6 hours later on.  


Ahmad revealed that he is so eager to do this movie because he is living a similar story in real life now. The actor is currently doing an intensive study about the life of the great singer Abdul Haleem Hafiz in order to be able to perform his character in the most accurate manner.  


Recently, a German woman named Hilda Claude who was staying at the same hotel Ahmad has announced that she was on a hunger strike until she is given permission to meet the actor. The woman had refused to write a note and leave to the actor and insisted that she wants to see him in person to make sure he is in good health. Hilda called the German Embassy in Cairo and her family in Germany and notified them that she is on a hunger strike until she is able to see Ahmad, who she came especially for. The administration of the hotel was forced to notify the actor and wake him in the middle of the night in order to end the chaos caused by the German woman.  


Ahmad’s down to earth nature made him handle the matter peacefully and welcomed the woman, but sent his personal secretary to her first to set an appointment and to give her a thank you note for coming all the way to come and see him, in addition to special dedication biography of his life to all the German people.  


The reaction of Ahmad made the woman break out in crying and she began saying how much she admires the actor and his career. She added that she got to know who Ahmad Zaki is through her Egyptian friends in Germany and has watched all of his films. The woman also revealed that she owns over 1000 photographs of the actor in her home in Berlin, and had sent over 2000 emails to the actor’s personal email, in addition to making 500 phone calls to the hotel he is staying in an attempt to reach him. All her attempts of meeting failed and so she decided to take a vacation from her job in order to come down to Egypt and meet him in person. –Albawaba.com 

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