Ali Bader Khan Debuts in TV Directing

Published March 25th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The director of the film al Raghbah (Desire), Ali Bader Khan, revealed his acceptance to direct two TV series simultaneously to mark his TV direction debut. 

The fist series entitled al Farashat Tahtareq Daeman (Butterflies Are Burnt Always) is about the life history of a late artist called Camellia and her exciting artistic and political career until she dies as a result of burns in a plane crash the causes of which are still mysterious. Gala Fahmi who announced her acting quittance following the failure of her film Gala Gala has been nominated to play Camellia said that she returned to performance to play the new role. 

“I agreed also upon directing another series based on a novel by Ibrahim Abdel Magid entitled La Ahad Yanam Fi al Iskandaria (Nobody Sleeps in Alexandria). The series scripted by Yusra al Siwi takes place in Alexandria during World War II,” the director told the London-based Arabic daily al Sharq al Awsat. 

He added, “both series will be produced by the Egyptian TV Production Department and the first one to be shot first will be determined within few days.” 

The latest direction work for Ali Bader Khan was the film al Raghbah (Desire) costarring Nadia al Gondi, Elham Shahin and Yaser Galal --  

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