All eyes on me! Fifi Abdo shakes it in Morocco

All eyes on me! Fifi Abdo shakes it in Morocco
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Published June 26th, 2013 - 13:18 GMT via

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Fifi Abdo ready to ball. (Image: Albawaba)
Fifi Abdo ready to ball. (Image: Albawaba)
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When you think of belly dancing, Fifi Abdo's name is the first to pop to mind. She has shaken her booty for us for the past 20+ years and we love it. Her hips don't lie!

But this time around, the cougar was shaking it for a totally different reason: charity! Abdo attended a sports and art charity event in picturesque Morocco, where she showed her fans her love for soccer, Moroccan traditional dress, and of course belly dancing.

Mid-event and Fifi-style, she suddenly got up on stage and did what she does best – dancing it off!

Love and money were in the air as the cheerful crowd, intrigued by her outburst, showered Fifi with cash. It was raining Moroccan dirhams!

Not only did her hips get some exercise, her thighs got in on the action. Fifi attended a local sports field where she “bent it like Beckham,” giving him a run for his money with some amazing stunts. We didn't know you had it in you, you little minx!

After all that to-do, it only made sense that Fifi attended a special luncheon with Egyptian actor Mustafa Shabaan, hosted by fashion designer Khadija Lahjouji. How classy!

Who said you had to retire at 60, eh?

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