Amina Rizeq to Stand on Stage Again

Published December 31st, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Sharq Press-Cairo 

By Rihab Al Sherbini 

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Egyptian director Esam Al Sayyed managed to convince veteran actress Amina Rizeq and actor Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra to come back to the stage to costar in the play Al Lailah Al Thanya Baad Al Alf (Second Night After the One Thousand).  

The play was the last script by the late writer Abdulla Al Toukhi as he wrapped it while he was sick in bed before death. 

Rizeq’s last appearance was in the play Al Arnab Al Aswad (Black Rabbit) by Essam Al Sayyed. The play was acclaimed by the audience and represented Egypt in many festivals. But the injury, which Rizeq faced, stood as an obstacle in the way of resuming the portrayal of the play. 

As for the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, he returned to the stage after a long sabbatical as he has recently performed his role in the play Allahuma Egaloh Khair (God, Make it Good). Earlier he was nominated to take the starring role in the play Hallaq Baghdad (Baghdad’s Barber) but due to the postponement of the rehearsals many times over differences between the National Theater management and writer, the Egyptian actor Mahmoud Al Gondi was tapped with the role. 

The play anticipated to be staged on the Hanager Theater at the end of next February is about the relation between Shahrayar and Shahrazad after the famous Arabian Nights had been wrapped up. It tackles the relations between man and woman and the citizen and ruler. 

Rizeq will play the narrator and legendary character that represents the expert while Abu Zahra will play Qamar Al Zaman, Shahrayar’s minister.  

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