Amr Diab to “Teach his Heart to Love” next month

Published December 31st, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian singer Amr Diab has finally decided on the name “Alim Albi Al Gharam” (Teach My Heart to Love) for his newest album set to be released next month. “Alim Albi Al Gharam” is the main song in the album and was written by two poets, Baha Al Din and Mohammad Walid Jalal, and composed by himself alongside prominent composer Khaled Izz. 


Cost of production for the album amounted to 10 million Egyptian pounds 8 of which were paid to Diab. The remaining 2 million went into the cost of shooting two music videos and wages for the writers and composers, recording, and advertising. Amr revealed that the two music videos are sure to surprise viewers in the form of shooting and places of the scenes. English director Stewart and Egyptian director Sherif Sabri are the two candidates chosen to direct his clips. 


Amr delayed the release of his upcoming album, which he provides a type of modern music blended with original eastern music. His new album will feature al Mizmar (an eastern musical instrument similar to the flute) to the outside world in a modern style particularly after he included the Tabla (drum) in his song Habibi Wala Ala Baloh (My Love is Not Paying Attention). The new album will include music close to Muwashahat (Terza Merza). Diab has been working with poet Ayman Bahgat Amar on his new song Min Haqqi (It is My Right) through which he wants to convey a clear, true and interpretive message that Palestine is an Arab country and Jerusalem is an Arab city and both belong to Arabs.  


In November the pop star denied rumors of changing his current production company with another Gulf based. He recently renewed his contract, which expires 2003, extending it for an additional three years. He states that he is happy with his current production company and has achieved great success with their help, therefore, he sees no reason to change and risk his continuing progress.  


Amr won two music awards at the World Music Award in Monaco for the top selling song in the Middle East. –  



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