Angham’s second bid for a starring role suspended by her pregnancy

Published October 23rd, 2006 - 05:09 GMT

Egyptian singer Angham’s second attempt to star in a film was cut short at the last minute by her pregnancy.  Angham was forced to turn down an offer for the leading role in the upcoming film “Al Ishiq Wal Hawa” (About Love).


Angham had begun preparing for her role in the film along with Egyptian actors Ahmad Al Sakka and Muna Zaki, but her pregnancy made it impossible for her to continue, coupled with the refusal of the production company to postpone filming until she  gave birth.


According to the Saudi based daily, Al Riyadh, the first film from which Angham suddenly withdrew was “Sahar Al Laiali” (Up through the Nights), and her role was then given to Muna Zaki. Muna received numerous awards for her role, and the film witnessed tremendous success.


After learning she was pregnant Angham adjusted her schedule, significantly decreasing her workload. The singer declined a request by composer Hilmi Baker to perform the song “Hal Ahbabt Imra’a Qalbi,” for the upcoming Egyptian Radio and Television Network Song Contest.


Angham announced that she has chosen Lebanese director Nadine Libky to direct the music video for the first song from her upcoming album, for which she has already recorded nine songs. This will mark the first time Angham has chosen not to work with Ahmad Al Mahdi, who directed all of her previous music videos.


Despite the interruptions to her career, Angham is living the happiest days of her life after discovering that she and her husband Fahed are pregnant with their first child, after a year of marriage. Angham, who already has a son from a previous marriage, hopes the baby is a girl, but either way she prays the baby is healthy.

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