Arab Music Festival Opens In Cairo

Published October 31st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Fourteen different countries will be participating in this year’s 9th Arab Music Festival, which is being held in Cairo and organized by Egypt’s Opera House, reported Agence France Presse. 

According to the news agency, the 10-day festival will include 25 concerts, staged by 28 different musicians and artists. 

AFP also said that 12 out of the 28 participants are Egyptian mega stars, including Hani Shaker, Maha Al Badri, Ahmad Ibrahim and more. 

Following Egypt in the list of major contributors to the festival is Syria with 4 singers, including Sabah Fakhri, a regular guest at the festival, Safwan Al Bahlawan and others. 

Lebanon is contributing 3 artists this year, including Wadih El Safi and Majida Al Roumi

Meanwhile, all other Arab countries are represented by one singer each. 

The music groups playing in the festival include the Abdul Halim Nweireh Group for Arabic Music, led by Salah Ghabashi, The National Arab Music Group, led by Salim Sahab and the The Children of the Opera Chorale also led by Sahab. 

The Lebanese group The Kaslic Music Academy Group, led by Aida Shaloub, will be the only female-led group at the festival this year. 

This year’s festivities will also include various seminars on Arabic arts, including calligraphy, and paintings. 

The artists to be honored this year are Hilmi Bakr, Jamal Salama, Al Baheth Al Tunisi, Mahmoud Al Qatat and Zeinab Yunis. – 

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