Cannes Fest Critics: ‘Intervention Divine’ Deserves Palm D’or Award

Published May 28th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The Palestinian film Intervention Divine by Elia Suleiman which won the 55th Cannes International Film Festival Jury Prize, was acclaimed by critics and a number of them reckoned that it deserved the palm D’or award which went to the film The Pianist by Franco-Polish director Roman Polanski. 

The festival jury announced that its prize went to the director of Intervention Divine for his creative and sensitive vision which is full of humor while depicting the complicated events of the hour and their tragic reflections. 

Divine Intervention touches on a Palestinian couple's relationship with both meeting everyday at the Israeli barricade that separates Jerusalem from Ramallah that are under Israeli occupation. The film elaborates on the difficult living circumstances under the Israeli occupation in a very sarcastic way.  

Suleiman tells through his film, a simple and a complicated story simultaneously. With symbolism and fantasy Suleiman portrayed through it his vision of the Palestinian reality.  

The film is a set of short stories that are not necessarily linked together but in the end it is the story of a homeland which is made by Suleiman victorious on the fascism of the occupation in a scene that belongs to fantasy. The Palestinian girl succeeds, with the help of a “divine intervention”, to kill the enemies in a basic scene that precedes the film.  

Divine intervention is a film that depicts the vein in this life under a fascist regime, as Suleiman says --  

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