Crowds of stars surround Yusra and Hannan Turk

Published April 16th, 2006 - 07:06 GMT

The premier screening of the new film "Kalam Fil Hub" (Love Talk) starring Egyptian actors Yusra and Hannan Turk attracted numerous celebrities.


Elham Shahin, Laila Elwi, Nicole Saba, Farouq Al Fishawi, Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, Khaled Zaki, Athar Al Hakim, Dina, Lubliba, Mustafa Amar, Walid Tawfiq and Mustafa Shabaan were amongst the stars in attendance.


The film, also staring Hisham Salim is a return to the old fashioned style of Egyptian romance films.


Director Ali Idrees stated that he waited for the right moment to screen the film, which he describes as “a social drama that reflects the core of Egyptian emotion.”


Yusra revealed that what drew her to take part in the film was the romantic nature of the story that deals with people’s emotions in a realistic manner, and explores how people overcome loss to carry on with their lives.


Yusra plays the role of “Nahed” a waitress who faces despair over the loss of her lover, but is determined to overcome her trauma. 


Hannan stated that she was very happy to take part in such a great work and to be able to work with Yusra for a fourth time in her career.


On a different note, Yusra has been taking Salsa lessons to prepare for her upcoming role in the film "Tiji Nur'us" (Lets Dance), directed by the controversial Enas Al Dughaidi.


Yusra plays the role of a lawyer for a major firm who realizes that life is passing by without her enjoying it. She decides to turn her life around, although the drastic changes she makes eventually have a negative affect upon her family.


The film is an adaptation of the Hollywood production “Lets Dance,” starring Richard Geere and Jennifer Lopez.


The difference between her film and the American version is that the latter has a male as the leading actor, while the Egyptian version presents her as the leading star, explained Yusra.


The script is written by Osama Abdul Thaher and the film also stars Tamer Hajris, Izzat Abu Ouf, Hala Sidqi, and Randa Al Buhairi.


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