Dareen says “Artists should be close to their fans”

Published December 6th, 2009 - 03:01 GMT

The Lebanese artist Dareen Hadshiti appeared as a guest on the show “Stars Café” hosted by Mazen Diab and aired on “Sawt Al Ghad” Jordanian radio station.

“An artist should be very close to his or her fans,” said Dareer.
According to the Jordanian daily Al Rai, Dareen’s appearance drew a number of journalists.

 Dareen said that she started singing at the age of 12 and accelerated her career through her participation in the music talent show “Studio Al Fan” (Art Studio).  Director Simone Asmar asked her to sign a contract, but at the time Dareen thought she was too young.

Instead Dareen joined a private production company, “Liya Production,” which she now jointly owns.

 Dareen became famous through her first album “Edam Al Kol” (In Front Of Everyone).

 Dareen said that she likes Haifa Wahbe’s look.  She criticized Elissa and Amal Hijazi for failing to give live performances, but praised Shireen Abed Al Wahab, Yara, Nancy Ajram and Asala for their successful live concerts.

Dareen indicated her disapproval of seductive video clips, blaming the artists for accepting the ideas for the clips and not the directors.

 Dareen also said that she thinks music award are often bought and sold, but asserts that she did not pay one “Lira” for being nominated for the “MTV Europe” award.


Dareen said that she was going to release a children’s album but then changed her mind, although she might release a children’s song called “Kigha Aba.”  She praised Haifa’s latest video clip for children called “Baba Feen”.

 Dareen admitted to having plastic surgery on her nose, but said that it did not go well and she is not willing to repeat the experience. 

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