Despite criticism, Lucy prepares new release

Published April 16th, 2007 - 09:06 GMT

Controversial Egyptian belly dancer Lucy is preparing for the filming of a new music video for the song “Bilomi Albi” (They Blame my Heart), which she plans on releasing along with her new album. In the new album Lucy presents a variety of songs, which she hopes will meet the expectations of listeners.


According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, Lucy revealed that she was very disappointed from the recent attacks by critics, who stated that her recent clip “Ayathon” (Does he think?) is of very low quality and in no way signifies that she is fit to sing.


Lucy stated that she does not agree with critics and that she had learned to sing from some of the best teachers in the business like composers Mohammad Sultan, Hilmi Baker and Amar Al Shurei.


Lucy admitted that her recent clip was provocative and she would surely be attacked by negative criticism.  She noted that she does not fear negative criticism, for as long as she is satisfied with her work, nothing else matters

Lucy also stated that Lebanese-Columbian singer Shakira, who recently held a grand concert in Egypt, had learned all her dancing moves from her.


Lucy denied rumors that she is jealous of controversial Egyptian belly dancer Dina, although she does consider her a competitor. She stated that a dancer's wage signifies her importance, and in this case her wage is double of that of Dina's.


Lucy also claims that a recent poll conducted by the ‘American Scientific National Geographic Association’ determined that the most popular Egyptian dancer was Lucy.




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