Did Adel Adeeb deliberately ignore Rubi?

Published June 9th, 2008 - 02:23 GMT

Last Wednesday was the first screening of one of the most anticipated films of the summer season “Baby Doll Night.”  The film has the highest budget in Egyptian cinema history.

Several famous actors attended the screening, like Noor Al Sharif, Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz, Laila Elwi, Mahmoud Hamida, Mahmoud Al Jundi, Jamil Rateb, Ghada Abed Al Razaq and Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji.  Music artists Rubi, Nicole Saba, Ola Ghanem, and Ahmad Maki were also present for the screening.

The famous Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman was busy filming his Syrian television drama series “Fonjan Al Dam” (Mug of Blood) and could not attend.
Actors Nadia Al Jundi, Athar Al Hakim, Ahmad Al Saqa, Muhammad Hunaidi and writer Karam Al Najar were also on hand.

According to the London daily Elaph, “Baby Doll Night” was written by the late Abed Al Hai Adeeb and directed by his son Adel Adeeb.
After the screening the director invited all of the stars up on stage to host a press conference.

The film was produced by “Good News” Production Company.


The film is a comedy that talks about a man who lives in America and has not seen his wife for a year. Faith has it that he is able to see her for one night, but it seems impossible for them to meet.

The film is considered controversial since several scenes were censored due to graphic sexual content.


 The film will be shown in 90 different movie theaters throughout Egypt.
Director Adeeb introduced all the stars, yet he did not call out Rubi’s name.  She was present for the showing, leaving the audience wondering if Adel Adeeb deliberately ignored Rubi?

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