Egypt’s TV Bans Ramadan Actors From Starring in More Than One Role

Published November 13th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Head of the Egyptian TV and Radio, Abdul Rahman Hafez, has also banned the stars of any Egyptian Ramadan series from working in more than one production, be it in the theater, or on the screen. 

According to (the) Al Sharq El Awsat newspaper, the decision came as a result of complaints from various directors and producers that non-Ramadan productions are slowing down two series in the Holy Month’s lineup.  

Al Firar Min Al Hub (Fleeing from love) and Khayal Al Thul (Reflection of Shadows), starring Athar El Hakim and actor Majdi Al Masri respectively. The main reason for the slowing down of these productions is the stars’ involvement in a movie called Al Jarima Taduq El Bab (The Murder Knocks on the Door).  

However, despite the fact that there are only a few more scenes left to shoot for the film, the officials at the Egyptian TV and Radio industry have decided to immediately cease production of this film and postpone the shooting until the end of Ramadan series. 

Meanwhile, in Al Firar Min Al Hub (Fleeing From Love), Al Hakim plays the role of a doctor who lives in Alexandria and has roots in the Egyptian Al Uksur Saeedi area. – 

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