Egypt Honors Saadiddin Wahbeh on Int’l Theater Day

Published April 4th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

At last, the Egyptian censors have given the green light for the last script by the late writer Saadiddin Wahbeh al Mahrousah 2015 in which he forecasted the bloody events which might happen should the Zionist pressures continue and the Arab compromises continue too. 

The play was portrayed during a grand gathering attended by Samihah Ayyoub and organized by the west and central Delta region on the International Theatrical Day in which Wahbeh was honored. 

The director of the region, Mahmoud Awadain told the daily al Gomhuria, “it has become a new tradition on the international theatrical day to honor one of our theater symbols each year. Saadiddin Wahbeh was properly and deliberately selected for two reasons: his prominent role in enhancing the theatrical activities through the cultural palaces and his important and unique role as a play writer who expresses the most important national and social issues in addition to his daring political stances.” 

“The play is the last sequel of his masterpieces in which he warned in 1995 against confusion between peace and surrender and the fallacy of mixing between normalization and betrayal. There is no peace with an enemy who refuses to sign on the nuclear weapons ban accord,” said director Omar Dowwarah. 

The director of the Cultural Places, Anas al Fiqqi said, “Wahbi’s honoring has come for his stances, boldness, top art and capability in expressing the issues of his country and nation. He was the voice representing the middle class and simple people as he devoted his life for the theater art in order to ignite enthusiasm and use it as a tool of culture and enlightening --  

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