Egyptian Film Industry Marks Most Expensive Season in History

Published July 26th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The Egyptian cinema industry has spent 64 million pounds to churn out 14 films over the past three months - the highest figure in history, according to the UAE daily Al Bayan. 

Amir Al Zalam (Prince of Darkness) by comedy star Adel Imam cost 8 million pounds to make, as did Jaana Al Bayan Al Tali by Mohammed Heneidi.  

The film Ayyam Assadat (Sadat Days), directed by Ahmed Zaki, followed the first two films with a cost of 6.5 million pounds.  

The film Sukoot Hansawwar (Quiet, We’ll Shoot), directed by Yousef Shahin, and Eben Ezz, directed by A’laa Waliyyiddin, and Africano, directed by Ahmad Al Saqqa and Muna Zaki, ranked third, costing 6 million pounds each.  

The film Rehlet Hubb (Love Journey) by the singer Mohammed Fuad ranked fourth at 5.5 million pounds, followed by Mustafa Amar’s Hubb Walla Business (Love Or Business) costing 4 million.  

Ahmed Adam’s film Al Rajol Al Abyad Al Mutawasset followed with a 3.5 million price tag, and Al Sullam Wal Thuaban, directed by Tareq Al Erian and costarring Hala Shiha and Hani Salameh, cost 2.5 million pounds – 

The least costing films of 2 million pounds each are Al Labbis by singer Medhat Saleh, Shabab Alal Hawa (Young Men On the Air) costarring Hanan Turk and Nelly Karim, 55 Esaaf (55Ambulance) starring Ghada Adel and Muwaten, Mukhber Wa Harami (Citizen, Detective and thief) directed by Daoud Abdel Sayyed --  

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